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Water Trucks are also known as sprinklers, Landschaftsbau Sprinkler,Wassertanker. Sprinklers are mainly used for all kinds of road flushing, drinking water transport, tree watering, Landschaftsbau Sprinkler, road construction sprinklers, plant and mining enterprises construction water, fire fighting and so on. Fog gun sprinkler sprayer can also be used to suppress dust and haze, spraying and so on, fire sprinkler added fire pump can also be used for emergency fire fighting, but also in combination with user needs to install guardrail cleaning device, high-pressure cleaning device for urban guardrail cleaning or road cleaning. Cheng Liwei brand green sprinkler standard with front after flushing, mit Seitenspritz, front flush after spraying side spray anti-aircraft pipe galvanized pipe, ball valve for stainless steel ball valve, hintere Arbeitsplattform, platform installation of green sprinkler high-pressure gun. Chengli sprinkler mainly contains 3, 5, 9, 12, 15, 20cbm and other different specifications. Hot models: Dongfeng Dolica sprinkler, Dongfeng Furica sprinkler, Dongfeng Tianjin sprinkler, Dongfeng Spezial-Bodensprinkler, Dongfeng Tianlong sprinkler and so on.

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