Dayun G6 Flatbed Transporter


New Dayun G6 luxury semi-cab, yellow card, Yuchai 180 horsepower engine, Shaanxi small 8-speed gearbox (8JS85E), 4 meters 1 short wheelbase, 250mm double-layer girder, front axle 3.9 tons, rear axle 10 tons, 8.35R20 steel wire tires (6 pieces), short wheelbase, high horsepower, suitable for many cities in mountainous areas such as Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan, equipped with ABS, central control lock, remote control key, electric doors and windows, aluminum alloy fuel tank, vehicle size 7650x2500x2850mm .

Dayun G6 Flatbed Transporter

The length of the board is 5.2 meters (including slopes), the total mass is 11.995 tons, and the upper household tonnage is 5.4 tons. 2.5 meters wide 80*100 national standard square steel encrypted beam, 100*100 national standard square steel encrypted beam, 5MM anti-slip checker plate, double spring ladder with rear outrigger. Remarks: New styles such as front combination lamp, front panel, sunshade and front bumper are optional with the chassis. Optional up and down ramp device.

Dayun G6 Flatbed Transporter

Optional configuration: hydraulic front lift, hydraulic ladder, double-folding ladder, extendable on both sides, flat-panel telescopic, additional fence.

The Dayun G6 flatbed truck (Dayun G6 excavator flatbed truck) is a special model for mountain areas. It can pull excavators and construction machinery below 150 without pressure. The 153 reinforced bridge is the highlight of this car.


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