Dayun 5 tons sprinkler


Dayun 5 Ton Greening Sprinkler Picture Show

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Dayun 5 ton sprinkler oblique front picture

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Dayun 5 Ton Sprinkler Front Side Picture

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Dayun 5 ton sprinkler oblique rear picture

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Rear view of Dayun 5 Ton Sprinkler Truck

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Dayun 5 Ton Sprinkler Working Status Picture

Dayun 5 ton sprinkler configuration

1. Dayun 5-ton sprinkler will be pleasing to the eye regardless of appearance and performance, it is comfortable to use, and the price is very high;

2. The chassis adopts Dayun chassis, single row white cab can be turned forward, Yunnei 115 horsepower engine, Wanliyang 5-speed gearbox, wheelbase 3300mm, 4 tons rear axle, 7.50-16 original nylon tires, with direction assistance , Clutch booster, air brake;

3. Dayun 5-ton sprinkler tank body adopts the one-time forming technology of machine pressing plate, adopts advanced edge screwing machine, and the process of tank body wrapping machine ensures the precision and beauty of the tank body production. Euro unique baking paint process, anti-corrosion and rust removal, multi-layer primer and top coat spraying. Complete functions, equipped with front flushing, rear spraying, side spraying, greening antiaircraft guns, high-quality water pumps, reasonable design of water pipelines, air-controlled power take-offs, and strong working ability; the tank body is thickened to 4mm and can be used as 5 cubic meters water. Improve the efficiency of vehicle use;

4. The tank body is made of 4mm thick WISCO high-quality plate, sprinkler pump, sprinkler artillery, working platform, power take-off, front flush, rear sprinkler, universal nozzle, self-flow valve, filter screen, distribution valve, nozzle, with self-priming With the self-draining function, it can be equipped with advanced facilities such as medicine spray tray, medicine pump, anti-corrosion and anti-rust in the tank, multi-directional water inlet and outlet joints, solenoid valves, pneumatic valves, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

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Our company's perennial plant sells all kinds of sprinklers, and can also produce sprinklers that are not available for home use. They have complete functions and are the preferred models for use in the factory. The Euro III emission standards have greatly reduced the cost of car purchase. Due to the different components and engine models of special vehicles, the price of the whole vehicle will also vary. Please contact us before buying a car. We will recommend the most suitable model configuration and the most favorable price for you according to your needs. Our company hotline will be at your service at any time: 18872992009 (Chen Ling)

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Dayun 5-ton sprinkler evaluation

The special chassis for Dayun OPuli 5 ton sprinklers has joined forces to create a special chassis with high load-bearing capacity and high reliability: riveted frame, high-strength bolts, closed beam, high-strength steel, 7.00-16 steel wire tires, and all parts are modularized , The 90L large mailbox allows customers to fill up a tank of fuel and drive a longer distance; comfortable driving with a driving-centric design concept. New stylish cab: adopts low wind resistance, new fashion with flipped body, low wind resistance brings low power consumption , More fuel-efficient, panoramic curved tempered glass, the left and right viewing angles are 15 degrees wider than similar models. Strong power Yunnei YN33CRE1 engine Fuel type: Diesel emission standard: Euro VI; Maximum power: 85kW Displacement: 3298ml; Infinitely variable manual gearbox changes the transmission ratio and expands the range of driving wheel torque and speed to adapt to frequent changes Under the condition that the rotation direction of the engine remains unchanged, the car can be driven backwards; the neutral gear is used to interrupt the power transmission, so that the engine can be started and shifted, and it is convenient for the transmission to shift or output power.

Dayun 5 tons sprinkler

Climbing test: a 40-degree slope can be completed in one go, and full load can adapt to any road conditions; forward rushing to the 8 lanes without pressure; rear spraying and side spraying are full of road coverage at all angles, a good helper for environmental sanitation; 360-ton rotatable artillery on the rear working platform , Full of pressure, small mist, like rain.

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