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Truck Mounted Crane

The truck-mounted crane is a kind of transportation vehicle that combines the truck-mounted crane and the chassis. It is composed of boom, turntable, frame, outrigger and other parts. The mechanical action of the truck crane is realized through the actions of luffing, telescopic, rotating, hoisting and other mechanisms, and the lifting operation is realized through the combination of different actions.

It is widely used in the hoisting and transportation of infrastructure materials and other equipment such as municipal construction, coal mine engineering, landscaping and so on.

Here in China we have Dongfeng Truck Mounted Crane, Howo Truck Mounted Crane, Shacman Truck Mounted Crane, Isuzu Truck Mounted Crane, Jac Truck Mounted Crane, Foton Truck Mounted Crane, .. such famous truck with XCMA, SANY, SHIMEI, XC, CHENGLI cranes…

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