Cleaning the Sewage Suction Truck and That She–Story


That year, I was 9 years old and she was 11 years old. I told her that I would marry her in the future, and she also naughty answered me: OK!

That year, I was 14 years old and she was 16 years old. She was above me. I raised my head and said that I like her. She was stunned, and she didn't speak, so she turned her head and stopped looking at me.

That year, I was 18 years old and she was 20 years old. I have been truck rying cement on the construction site for a year. She was still attending a key university. I can't say that I like her anymore, because I don't think I deserve her at all. I left to myself what I wanted to say to her, and when I matched her, I told her everything. In the next four years, I never had the opportunity to meet her again. I heard that she was already working. What I truck e more about is , Whether she is already a wife and a mother.

I decided to change my current life, so I took out my savings from working for four years, followed the advice of my fellow villagers, and found a special-purpose automobile company in Suizhou, Hubei-Chengli Special Automobile. Chengli Special Automobile Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of special purpose vehicles, one of the top 500 domestic private enterprises, with guaranteed vehicle quality. I bought a sewage suction truck from Chengli Special Automobile. I don't want to work for others anymore. I want to be my own boss. After buying a cleaning and suction truck, I am not afraid of getting dirty or tired. I work hard to make money and save money. For nothing else, I can stand in front of her and be bold when I meet my beloved one again. Say what you want to say but don't have the courage to say it. My truck eer is gradually on the right track, my income is increasing day by day, and I am no longer embarrassed by money. I have a truck and a house. But when can you meet her again?

When I saw her again, it was in June 2020, in a dimly lit room, with only the two of us. After a long silence, she said: I have quit my job full-time stock trading. Due to the stock market disaster, I am almost out of stock, can I borrow some The money asked me to replenish the margin, and I will pay you back when the stock market improves. I tried my best not to tremble and gave her the bank truck d. She left in a hurry. I really want to tell her that I bought a cleaning and suction truck, I have made money, and I want to marry you, but she did not give me time to say this.

Soon after, I saw her on TV. She was detained by two bailiffs. She was sued to court because she owed too much debt. She looked terrified and unbearable, the TV didn't even cover her face, let her sway in front of me, let her hit, hit, and smash in my heart. I found her in prison and looked at her pale face, which was much thinner than before. I smiled at her, I don't know how ugly that smile is. She smiled at me too, but smiled so sad and sad. She raised her hand, and I hurried over to hold her hand. The tears couldn't help but fall. She opened her mouth and said in very light words: You know, I always knew you wanted to marry me, you can be so poor , No truck or house, my parents disagree with me to marry you. So I work hard to make money, want to make money to buy you a truck and buy a house, so that I can marry you. However, things were messed up by me. Not only did I not make money, but I owed so much that I would never pay for it for the rest of my life.

At this time, I couldn't make a sound of tears, and immediately said: It doesn't matter, I bought a truck back then and made a lot of money. I will pay you back what I owe. I have a truck and a house. Suddenly, she was very excited and shook it vigorously, interrupting me, and only heard her weak voice saying: I want to...ask...ask you...can you tell me what truck you bought back then?
I told her quietly: Clean the sewage suction truck, Cheng Li cleans the sewage suction truck! I made a fortune from this truck .

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