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Classical 3 tons sprinkler Dongfeng disinfection truck

Classical 3 tons sprinkler Dongfeng disinfection truck upload configuration: tank with tank dedicated 4mm thick sheet production Wuhan Iron and Steel Group’s supply, the actual volume of 2 cubic meters, with anti-tank anti-wave clapboard waves, reducing the impact of liquid tank.With type 65QZ-40/45 high-power sprinkler dedicated pumps, self-priming from the row, time diversion <8min, flow rate of 40m3 / h, head 45 m.Other specific part of the standard: pediment, sprinkle, cbm spray, with the work platform 360 with an adjustable monitor green, vertical suction ≧ 7 m, m ≧ 14-16 sprinkler width greening water gun range ≧ 20- 25 meters, gravity valve, filter, fire interface (connectable hydrant water, can be used for emergency fire).Tank before metering tube (observation tank level), the ladder can, with simple guardrails Guankou tank, the tank-cbm double barrel, double tank surface painting process, rust, corrosion, manufacturers have to rest standard.Alternatively the installation of the installation of the drug, pneumatic control valve, spraying device, and the like-can preservation.

Dongfeng classical 3 tons sprinkler Chassis configuration: Mali Guo Yuchai five EFI supercharged engine 115, the transmission gear 5, 7.00R-16 nylon tire, two tons front axle, rear axle 3 t, wheelbase 3100mm, cross-sectional beam 188 * 60 * 5mm, with the direction of power, air conditioning original, disc brake, ABS original.Single row before turning the cab, chassis part of the Genius of Dongfeng, Warranty: 2 years or 60,000 km (subject to chassis warranty booklet).
Classical 3 tons sprinkler Dongfeng disinfection truck Description: a first member with a quality rating of the Euro dedicated sprinkler pump power, power take off, valve, filter, pipeline, sprinklers and other components.Pumps, power take off, ball valves, filters are the Euro standard products, with excellent performance, reliable, high efficiency, high flow, easy maintenance.
Vehicle Chassis: Dongfeng
Engine: 115 hp Yuchai
Transmission: 5-speed gearbox
Emission standard: five
Dimensions: 5990 × 1980 × 2300
Wheelbase: 3300
Front axle: 2 t
Rear axle: 3 tons
Tires: 7.00-16 aramid bead
Total Quality: 4495
Rated load weight: 1825
Curb weight: 2540
Budget: 80,000 or less
Tank volume: 3-way
Chassis Brand: Dongfeng
Special needs: classical
Are exempt from: Yes
Sprinkler width: 14 m
Vertical suction: 8 m
Water cannon head: 35 m -45 m
Watering range: 30 meters
Artillery platform
Adjustable into a columnar shape, a range of ≥28 m; adjustable into a mist, a range of ≥15 m; for remote watering, is also used to assist fire fighting.
Veyron sprinkler pump
Flow rate of 60 cubic meters / hr, 90 m lift, self-priming height 7 m.It has a simple structure, high efficiency smooth operation, and reliable use.
Pediment nozzle
With steam-driven valve (optional), flow rate 460L / MIN, flush to the width of ≥14, cbm and the like for road pavement rinse.
Side of the nozzle
Job for watering plants green belt, watering width ≥14 m.
Into the water distribution network
Yin Yang port ball valve self-priming pond water, fire interface can be accessed easily and quickly fire water.
Users may be based on actual usage, the choice of 20-120 meters sprayer.
Anti-lock braking system (ABS)


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