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Chufeng 4×2 beekeeping vehicle

Chufeng single-bridge beekeeping vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display


Chufeng single-bridge beekeeping vehicle is a kind of small beekeeping vehicle newly launched by our factory based on Chufeng ‘s first four beekeeping vehicles after listening to customer opinions. After our factory launched the Chufeng 6×2 beekeeping vehicle for a period of time, many customers reported that the Chufeng 6×2 beekeeping vehicle was too large and the price was high, and they needed a small and cheap beekeeping vehicle. We listened actively. According to customer opinions, this small beekeeping vehicle has been launched in time.

Chufeng single-bridge beekeeping truck truck go box length: 6800mm×2420mm

The truck can bring a small house according to the needs of users, which has complete water, electricity, air-conditioning, bathroom, TV and computer, and the number of beehives with houses is reduced from 110 to 80.

Advantages of Chufeng single bridge beekeeping vehicle:About 3 cubic stainless steel honey storage tankFood-grade stainless steel water tank one-key automatic full-vehicle fastening beehive system electric lifting working platform lifting crane

1. There are multi-layer frames on both sides of the beekeeping vehicle box, which are steel frames with pulleys that can be moved! It can hold at least 80 beehives, and each beehive can hold 12 bee chips.
2. The corridor between the steel frames of the hive on both sides of the beekeeping vehicle is the working area. The collection and storage of bee products can be completed by installing the designed lifting platform on the truck t.
3. An independent comfortable living space is installed in the front of the truck . According to customer requirements, we can install satellite TV, range hood, three-piece kitchen, refrigerator and other modern facilities in the beekeeping vehicle to give you a comfortable working environment.

4. A concealed slot box is also set in the lower part of the truck box, which does not affect the overall appearance, and can conveniently store various bee-keeping facilities and tools, and store basic living tools, so as to ensure the safety and comfort of beekeepers living outside.

Chassis configuration: Choose Chufeng single-bridge Euro IV chassis, Yuchai’s 180 horsepower Euro IV engine, high-roof double cab, Shaanxi small eight-speed gearbox, 145 front and rear axles, 250 double-layer girder, 9.00R20 steel tires.

Modification configuration: The length of the truck go compartment is 6.8 meters, which can hold about 110 boxes of beehives, with a rain canopy, solar panels, inverters, electric lifting platforms, and other standard equipment.


Vehicle name: Beekeeping vehicle 楚风单桥养蜂车
Vehicle category: Mobile beekeeping vehicle
Vehicle model: HQG5160CYFGD4
Chassis model: HQG1160GD4
Exemption: no
Fuel: no
Exemption : no
Environmental protection: no
Chinese Brand: Chufeng
company address: Plain Hill, Southern Suburb, Suizhou City, Hubei Province
Announcement batch: 2001o3 243 Catalog number: 73
engine model: YC6J180-42
ISDe185 40
Engine manufacturer: Guangxi Yuchai Engine Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd.
engine capacity: 6500
Engine power: 132
Dimensions (length/width/height): 9000×2500×3970 Cargo compartment (length/width/height): 6800×2420
Total mass (Kg): 16000 Load quality utilization factor:
Curb weight (kg): 7405 Rated load (kg): 8400
Rated passengers (person): Front passenger (person): 3
Approach / departure angle: 32/9,32/10,32/11 Front suspension/rear suspension: 1250/2750,1250/2550,1250/2450
Wheelbase (mm): 4500, 4800, 5000, 5200, 5300, 5800 Axle load: 6000/10000
Number of axes: 2 Number of springs: 9/11+9,9/11+8
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 9.00-20 16PR, 10.00-20 18PR, 9.00R20 16PR, 10.00R20 18PR
Front track: 1810,1940 Rear track: 1800, 1860
Steering Type: steering wheel Starting method:
Product ID: ZKDW640D01B Release date: 20121218
Identification code: LCFU1KG3× According to the standard: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV
other: Optional cab with chassis. Optional RV structure. Reflective markings are installed on the side and rear of the vehicle. Only three wheelbases of 5000mm, 5200mm, and 5300mm are available. The wheelbase corresponds to the rear suspension. The material of the protective device is Q235A; connection Method: bolt connection and welding; the ground clearance of the rear protective device: 460mm; the cross-sectional dimension width × height is 50mm×120mm. YC6J180-42 corresponds to a fuel consumption value of 29.2, ISDe185 40 corresponds to a fuel consumption value of 29.3, and the quality of optional components changes Less than 3%






Our factory also produces Chufeng beekeeping vehicles with four fronts and four rears , which can be fixed with 128 boxes on both sides and 80-100 boxes in the middle.

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