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Chufeng 24-34-seat kindergarten school bus

Chufeng 24-34-seat kindergarten school bus parameter configuration table and picture display


Product number

HQG6661XC type

number of seats

24 seats- 34 seats

Dimensions (m)

Length 6.60 Width 2. 28 Height 2. 8 5



Chassis model

EQ6648KX4AC Dongfeng chassis

Fuel type

Diesel oil

engine model


Number of axes


Engine manufacturer


Tire specifications


engine capacity

2. 98 liters

Number of tires


Engine horsepower

85 kilowatts

Maximum speed


Engine power

115 horsepower

Total mass (kg)

5 9 00


3.65 m

Curb weight (kg)

4 000

Emission Standards

GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro IV

The standard configuration is as follows:

Power steering, up and down, front and rear adjustable steering wheel, pneumatic brake (service brake); ABS system, automatic parking indicator arm, fabric student chair, single-seater 350mm, with armrests, 2+ 3 layout, all truck seats are equipped Safety belt; 700 wind windows , bamboo floor and wear-resistant floor leather; left and right softened guardrail with baffle, left front sunshade, driver fan, manual mirror, side window-up 1/2 sliding, down 1/ 2Fixed, aluminum alloy split window, reversing monitor; parking sign; driving recorder (with GPS); endoscope; electronically controlled swing door ; rear emergency door; automatic fire extinguisher and 1 2kg fire extinguisher, top side Inner Mongolia PVC single-ply panel, side window plastic cover; escape safety hammer, vehicle (inside and outside) surveillance video system; first aid kit, domestic plain paint, school bus standard paint color and pattern, standard logos and signs.

Remarks: Party A provides the registration procedures such as chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, and motor vehicle invoice.

Chufeng Bus adheres to the consistent concept of excellent truck -making, concentrates on scientific research, and meticulously experiment. Create large, medium and small Chufeng special school buses for children and Chufeng special school buses for primary school students that meet China’s Euro conditions and needs. Attention to details, truck eful experimentation, strict management, show the charm of Chufeng brand quality.

The Chufeng school bus adopts the combination of “American Big Nose” and domestic “popular line”. It has a cute and beautiful appearance, smooth and soft lines, and is deeply loved by kindergartens and schools. The “American Big Nose” shape reduces the impact of collision. , Provides a great security guarantee.
The Chufeng school bus adopts a special chassis for school buses and Chufeng’s unique body manufacturing technology improves the strength of the Chufeng school bus’s body. The Chufeng school bus has passed the school bus rollover test at one time, and its safety performance is trustworthy.
The internal space design of the Chufeng school bus adopts softening and no sharp corner treatment, and the seat adopts a special school bus seat and an uninterrupted armrest design to improve safety. From the chassis to the body, the materials are selected and assembled in strict accordance with the GB24407-2012 standard.

The combination of the unique instrument panel assembly, driving recorder, and camera of Chufeng school bus provides effective tracking of the safety performance of the school bus, and the driving status and safety performance of the school bus are under control.

Chufeng school bus adopts Chufeng’s unique primary three-level stepping to meet the needs of primary school students and kindergarten children for a stable, safe and comfortable getting on and off the bus. Chufeng school bus is fully in line with the Euro school bus standards, so you have no worries about purchase, home visits, use, and after-sales.

The Chufeng school bus is designed, manufactured and assembled in strict accordance with the Euro standard GB24407-2012. Infused with the top technology of the school bus production industry, it guarantees the leading quality and safety performance of Chufeng school bus.


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