China YTO Group Fude brand 14-ton truck-mounted crane


China YTO Group's Ford 14-ton truck mounted crane real shot pictures

China YTO Group Fude brand 14-ton truck-mounted crane configuration

Chassis configuration:
China YTO Group Fude brand 14-ton truck-mounted crane, four front axles and eight rear axles, standard with Yuchai 310 horsepower engine, and Shaanxi Gear 10-speed gearbox. The biggest feature of YTO chassis is its low price, applicable configuration and high cost performance. Compared with the same type of Dongfeng chassis, the price is about 40,000 yuan cheaper. The biggest advantage of this model is that the rear of the truck go box can be equipped with a ladder function for loading and unloading excavators.

Crane parameters:
Changxing 14-ton five-section straight-arm crane, 360-degree full swing, full hydraulic operating system, high-altitude seat operation, maximum lifting height of 17 meters, maximum working radius of 15.5 meters, and maximum lifting capacity of 2 tons. Changxing crane has perfect after-sales service, door-to-door service within 12 hours, and quality is guaranteed. Optional dual-cavity hydraulic rear outriggers, or mid-position four-directional crane operation mode, the price is extra.
Vehicle parameters:
Vehicle name: China YTO Group Ford brand 14-ton truck-mounted crane
Vehicle model: LT5310JSQABC0
Chassis model: LT1310ABC0
Truck Size: yellow truck d
Vehicle size: 12000×2550×3950mm
Cargo box size: 8500×2450×800mm
Chassis brand: China's 8X4 chassis
Crane brand: Changxing 14-ton five-section straight-arm crane
Cargo box length: 8.5 meters
Engine: Yuchai 310 horsepower
Transmission: Fast 10-speed
Emission standard: EuroV emission, environmental protection, complete fuel
Wheelbase: 1850+4600+1400mm
Optional configuration: thickened box plate, hoisting operation in the middle position
Total weight: 31000kg
Curb weight: 18500kg
Registered tonnage: 12370kg
Model advantage: the cheapest price, the first four and the next eight cranes
The truck-mounted crane manufacturer makes the whole vehicle strictly in accordance with the requirements of the announcement, does not exceed the size, has a fuel announcement, an environmental protection announcement, and the EuroV emission standard, and is listed on a Euro scale. At the same time, our company can also arrange professionals to assist users in listing, please rest assured to buy.

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