China Isuzu M series light trucks

  With the city logistics development, the market is further broken down down, light truck users demand constant change, flexibility necessary to meet the strong by nature, but also to meet strong load of money.In order to fit the needs of users,Qingling Motors Isuzu collection of a hundred years to create the essence of the technical quality of high-performance light truck, to enhance the power, reliability, economy, handling, truck rying and so on, highlight the advantages to meet customers reliable, efficient, fuel-efficient, safe and comfortable appeal of the product, Overall atmosphere, calm, interior humanity to build a new, richer configurations, smart technology, designed for short-distance transport and logistics from the city.At 15:00 on April 25, the highly anticipated light truck Qingling Isuzu M600 regional activities listed in the body of the first to be kicked off in Suzhou station, worth the wait!
China Isuzu M series light trucks
M600 light commercial vehicles

  Comfort, ergonomics is more reasonable

  Qingling Isuzu M series body in the Euro six light truck, introduced a new family of elements appearance than the previous Founder grille looks more dynamic.The new interior is simple and clean, stable and strong, continuing the quality of luxury truck s.Center console with streamlined design, button layout more reasonable, smooth handling, driving them handy; Control Panel 13-inch LCD screen, clear interface, more convenient operation.

China Isuzu M series light trucks

Qingling Isuzu M series body in the Euro six light truck interiors

  In addition, M Qingling Isuzu light truck series also comes with six member countries multifunction steering wheel, power windows, full LCD instrumentation, versatile and convenient storage boxes and other rich configuration.It is worth mentioning that the details of the design aspects, such as the center point shift on the steering wheel, shift lever down, the parking lever forward, ergonomic seats, ergonomic make more reasonable, driving comfort doubled.

China Isuzu M series light trucksQingling Isuzu light truck body  in the M Series to enhance ride comfort

  Environmental compliance, lightweight + Euro six more to the force

  2019, after the light truck industry "big tons of small superscript" event, the entire light truck sales volume affected.The Qingling Motors has always adhere to industry bottom line, adhere to the production vehicle compliance, adhere to the "high-quality, lightweight, energy-saving" technology roadmap.Qingling Isuzu M series body in the Euro six light trucks to achieve a lightweight in terms of better.Isuzu most mature and reliable mounting 4K engine and lightweight design and implementation of optimized materials; match generation ISUZU MYY transmission housing all-aluminum, the total weight loss of 30%; with F031 and R055 rear axle front axle, and the use of advanced equipment production process, more lightweight while improving the truck rying capacity.


China Isuzu M series light trucks

Greater truck rying capacity

  In addition, in 2020 the Euro is about to enter the kingdom of six emission standards implementation phase, Qingling Motors insight into market trends, advance technology research and development, currently the Euro six full line of new products already on the market, fully meet the market demand.Qingling Isuzu M series light truck body Euro s six Euro s six step b satisfy emission standards, exhaust gas recirculation with EGR apparatus, the portion of the waste and mixing fresh air input to the cylinder, reduce the maximum combustion temperature, reduction of toxic emissions, not only environmentally friendly but also more fuel-efficient.

  Safe and reliable, more secure and efficient transportation

  All along, Qingling Motors has maintained the characteristics of efficient transport, while Qingling Isuzu M series body in the Euro six light truck remained on the basis of efficient features, and further in terms of reliability, security, transportation business user double protection, efficient can light trucks to its name.

  Qingling Isuzu M series body in the Euro six light truck, which M100 models equipped with Isuzu Isuzu 4K120 horsepower engine and gearbox proven MSB, M600 models equipped with the new generation Isuzu 4K132 horsepower engine and gearbox MYY, composed of high performance, high reliability gold chain power, strong power, high transmission efficiency, long service life.

China Isuzu M series light trucks

Isuzu gearbox new generation MYY

  In terms of safety performance, Qingling Isuzu M600 in the Euro six bodies were light truck braking system for the optimization and upgrading of air brake combined with both breathe brake, can still play a good braking force in case of overload.In addition, M600 body in the Euro six light truck equipped with ABS braking system, optional disc brake, the entire brake system to achieve precise control make driving safer.

  All along, Qingling Motors to focus on to provide users with more high-end, higher-quality, higher-performance products.M series body light truck as a strategic model under Qingling Isuzu light truck segment, is Qingling and Isuzu to jointly build a light truck industry, "new benchmark" will truck ry "high-end, high-quality, science and technology intelligent image" brand connotation, solid Qingling Isuzu high-end light truck leader position, to further boost short-distance transport and logistics city to open a new era of efficient transport.

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