China Dongfeng 3000-5000 liters LPG tank truck


LPG tank truck is a pressure vessel vehicle to transport and suplly LPG gas for house cooking and others related areas, which combined with the chassis, 100% X-ray radiographic tested tanker, safe valve, emergency cutting valve, themometer, liquid level meter, pressure gauge, gas dispenser and gas pump.

The truck is used for transporting or filling the gas to different gas station. The cubage could be from 5cbm to 10cbm, 20cbm, 35cbm. ASME and ISO manufacture standard are both available.

China Dongfeng 3000-5000 liters LPG tank truck

Dongfeng 3000 liters LPG dispenser truck

Vehicle Description
Overall dimensions 5900*2045*2600mm
GVW 8000kg
Curb weight 4000kg
Chassis brand DONGFENG
Tanker Description
Tank capacity 3 cbm
Filling medium LPG
Tanker material Carbon steel
Thickness Tanker body 9.37mm
End cover 9.35mm
Designed pressure 1.61Mpa
Testing water pressure 2.10MPa
Air tight test pressure 2.10Mpa
Heat treatment Wholly get rid of stress
Corrosion allowance 1.0mm
Use Years Ten years
Standard configuration 1. Equipped with LPG dispenser, LPG pump, liquid level meter, pressure meter, and thermometer.

2. Equipped with safe valve, emergency cut-off valve, inlet and outlet.

3. Equipped with double toolbox and valve box.

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