Chengli People visited the revolutionary base


On June 14, 2024, Party members from Chengli Group undertook an educational journey to the Eyu-Anhui Revolutionary Base in Huanggang as part of their thematic Party Day activities. This initiative aimed to enrich their understanding of revolutionary history and ignite a stronger sense of patriotism and duty.

Chengli People visited the revolutionary base

During the visit, the members toured the Revolutionary History Memorial Hall, where they were introduced to the illustrious past of the Eyu-Anhui Revolutionary Base and the valiant acts of its heroes. Through the display of historical photographs, artifacts, and documentaries, they gained a deep appreciation for the sacrifices and relentless efforts made by the revolutionaries for the liberation and independence of the nation.

The activities of the day included renewing their Party vows, participating in group discussions, and sharing their insights and reflections. The Party members reported that the experience not only deepened their understanding of the Party’s history but also strengthened their commitment to their roles. They pledged to carry forward the revolutionary legacy and dedicate themselves to the growth of the enterprise and the advancement of society.

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