Chengli commercial flatbed truck


Chengli commercial flatbed truck

Chengli commercial flatbed truck Chassis configuration

Chengli's commercial flatbed trucks use Tianlong semi-high roof cab, 302×80×(8+4)mm double-layer frame, 5-ton front axle, 13-ton or 16-ton deceleration rear axle, electric doors and windows , Airbag seat, central control door lock, ABS, electric cab flip, aluminum alloy air mass, camel battery.

Chengli commercial flatbed truck

The standard configuration is 120 sets of 100mm square cylinders, 8mm thick checkered plates, manually retractable to 3 meters wide, double spring ladders and rear outriggers.

Optional configuration 145 sets of 120mm square tube, 10mm or 12mm thick checker plate, hydraulic expansion, hydraulic ladder, folding ladder, lightweight materials and water spray devices.

Installment payment can be paid in installments nationwide, with low interest, simple procedures, and fast lending!

The complete vehicle factory includes: chassis certificate, vehicle certificate, national unified motor vehicle registration invoice, on-board tools, instruction manual and national after-sales service manual.

Due to the different configurations of flatbed trucks, there are also certain differences in prices. For specific requirements and prices, please call our sales staff.


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