Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper


Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper, cleaning vehicle factory!

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper uses:

For urban roads, highways, trunk roads, county roads, scenic roads, streets, cbms, airports, truck parks, railway stations, docks, tunnel, bridge, viaduct, as well as residential areas, cement factories, power plants, and more industrial and mining enterprises and other places of dust cleaning, cleaning, washing, spraying dust jobs.Can clean leaves, peel, water bottles, sand, dirt, paper, metal debris, dust, cinders and the like, the work efficiency of the manual cleaning mode8-40Time.


Changanan Chassis high-end quality Special Purpose Vehicle Capital ingenuity to create

Vehicle Announcement HCQ5032TSLSC5
Chassis Type BJ1042V9JB5-A1
engine model


Engine power 65KW
Dimensions 4430× 1520× 1930mm
Working width 2.4M
Inhalation size φ 80mm
Water tank capacity 0.5cbm
Trash volume 1.5cbm
The maximum operating capacity 20000M / h

First, the way of the trusted brands in strength

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper


Hubei Cheng Li Group plant aerial viewMapCheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper export orders

Cheng Li Automobile GroupCo., Ltd. is located in four seasons picturesque historical and cultural city, the Chinese ancestorYandiThe birthplace of the world's eight wonderschimesOf land, China Special Purpose Vehicle-Suizhou.

Group is a company with "a famous Chinese trademark"" Hubei Famous Brand "," Euro high-tech enterprise ""Chinese private enterprises500Strong"The large automobile manufacturing group, is set research and development of automotive technology, automotive, manufacturing passenger trucks, truck modification, auto parts, finance, education, property investment as one of the diversified company.


Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper,

Cleaning vehicle factory praise again and again!

Euro Cheng Li factory direct, I believe Cheng Li brand!

We work with Euro 1000More sanitation units long-term cooperation;
We work with Euro 8000More than a fixed long-term customer service;

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Group and host more than a dozen well-known listed companies joined forces to develop!


Second, Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper perfect performance

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5The biggest advantage is the cbm of small sweeper can close roadbed cleaning, no dead ends, and some large road sweeping vehicles sweeping not a bird areas such as cbms, and other places, small sweeper sweep along a straight line, will greatly enhance the work efficiency.Large sweeper not only has the advantage of a small sweeper, and especially prominent is the high speed, large work area.


The main chassis configuration:

 1Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Changanan Fang sweeper uses sweeper-Small-scale2.5Special chassis side sweeper,2700mmWheelbase, the new cab Changan Star Card, electronicEPSThe direction of power, driving more relaxed.

  2, Power, Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Chongqing cbm sweepers using well-off88Horsepower gasoline engine, authentic Euro V emission standards, with5Speed manual gearbox, start light, smooth power.

  3Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Sweeper side of the front disc brake use, better braking, tire using165R14LTVacuum tire, better performance!

  4Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Party sweeper used in the home4Disc brushes+Cleaning structure rear suction cups, three-stage work, cleaning better.

Tops main configurations:

1Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Lane side sweeper using the sub-engine, saving fuel.

  2Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Party sweeper uses Sanyo hydraulic motor speed is more stable, better cleaning.

3Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Fang sweeper solenoid valve using solenoid valve US joint venture Shanghai Pu Reese, structure more sophisticated, no truckd valve.

  4Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5Fang sweeper bins are using stainless steel water tank, which is the volume of trash1.5Cube, water tank volume0.5cube.

  5Changan sweeper-Small-scale2.5The tail is equipped with side sweeperledArrow lamp can be effectively alert pedestrians and vehicles during operation.

Optional equipment:

According to customer demand, optional rear pediment sprinkle, self-cleaning litter reel gun, reverse image monitor operations.

Truck Information:

VAT receipts, certificates chassis, vehicle vehicle s, service manuals, warranty booklet.


1, Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm shape sweeper design dichroic small Ash

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper small with gray front view

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5Side small sweeper small with gray side view

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5Side small sweeper small with gray lateral FIG.

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5Side small sweeper FIG small with gray tail


Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperOne road sweeper as sanitation equipment, is a set of road cleaning, garbage collection and transportation as one of the new and efficient cleaning equipment.It can be widely used in trunk roads, municipal and airport pavement, urban residential areas, parks and other road sweeping.

Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperNot only can clean the garbage, but also for medium air purifying dust on roads, both to ensure the appearance of the road, maintenance of a healthy environment, to maintain a good working condition of the road, there are to reduce and prevent the occurrence of traffic accidents as well as further extending the life of the road.In the domestic use of the road sweeper road surface maintenance has become a trend.


Third, Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper details

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeperCheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeperCheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeperCheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper



Fourth, Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeper function15A bright spot

1,Using a combination of suction sweep garbage collection, wet dust, electro-hydraulic control, the hydraulic tilt unloading ways on pavement cleaning operation.

2,Using dedicated sub-engine driven fan and a hydraulic system, to ensure that the process can continue to work with to ensure the continuity of the cleaning process.

3,A "mid independent four brush+Rear suction nozzle "structural arrangement, easy to adjust and maintain the nozzle cleaning device, when the vehicle transitions through the good.

4,Sub transmission disposed between the engine and the fan is provided with an automatic clutch, the engine can ensure that the sub-load starting and stopping automatically disengaged from the fan, reduce the impact on the sub-engine, and improve the operational reliability of the engine sub-life.

5,After the scan disk has Obstacle avoidance and protective function and reset functions, encounters an obstacle after the retraction, over obstacles reset.

6,Depending on the cleaning conditions, without increasing the sub-machine throttle achieve high schools low grades scan disk speed, which can ensure that in all kinds of pollution conditions are good cleaning results while saving fuel and bristles loss.

7,Using automatic leveling full floating nozzle, with good road dust collecting effect, and long service life.

8,Imported hydraulic valve block, to ensure the stability and smooth operation of the hydraulic vehicle.

9,Lightweight hydraulic motor (small), operation stability scan disk to ensure long service life.

10,Eversion suction tube made of imported raw materials, effectively preventing the vacuum tube is cut, the cracking, increases the service life.

11,Precision seamless cold bending hydraulic tubing, the inner wall of a non-oxidizing impurities, to ensure clean hydraulic circuit, no blocking valve.

12,Disc brushes sweeping the use of high performance plastics spacer arm, good wear resistance, play-free butter maintenance, save resources.

13,Stainless steel water tanks, bins, resistant to general corrosion and increase the life of the box.

14,Extra-wide rear doors and greater than85Degree opening angle, easier to dump garbage, clean up trash.

15,Appearance computer design, high side skirts, curved transition, the overall coordination symmetry.Achieve low fuel consumption, low noise, streamlined design.

Six, a lifetime friend Cheng Li Jie Yuan

Cheng Li Group compared with the same industry production qualification is the most complete, most diversified companies, the company dedicated sanitation trucks and light vehicles sales in rowFirst in the Euro, Is the first time through the A2,C2Three types of pressure vessels, low-speed truck vehicle qualified acceptance, acceptance of the new Euro standard fire private enterprises.

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Group's ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. by almost all domestic and inter Euro certification Special Purpose Vehicle class:ISO9001-2008Quality Management,ISO 14001Environmental management,OHSAS18001Occupational health and safety management system certification,3CCompulsory Certification,GJB9001B-2009Military standard certification and privacy certification ( Euro levels), energy conservation and environmental protection certification automobile, truck exempt from certification, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers A Simi (ASME) Certification, the EU agreementADR.

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

We made all kinds of key production qualification: A2,C2,C3Pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, lorry cranes, truck cranes, fire engines and other special equipment manufacturing qualification, the Euro science and technology weapons and equipment production qualification; indigenous innovation products obtained100Many countries patent, trademark within the group"Cheng Liwei","vigorously"Are"a famous Chinese trademark"A total of1040MoreSpecies on the Euro bulletin directory.

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper


Six consultation process set trucks Mortgage

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Cheng Li Changanan 2.5 cbm sweeper

Seven, after-sales service commitment:

We follow quality policy is: "products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment."To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1Free Warranty: One year.
2, Time tracking service: life.
3, Customers pay from the date of the vehicle's use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than6Months, and only pay part time charge.
4,twenty fourHour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer trucke, trucke for each trolley service.


1.Where your company?How do I order?

Answer: Our company is located in Suizhou, the majorityCheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperCustomers can come to our factory visits, satisfaction reorder; can also communicate good product, details and other issues through telephone sales staff, contract directly by fax.

2, Your company with us there is no point of sale?We want to see how to do truck?
Answer: special trucks is different from trucks like the Euro to set up sales companies4SStore, which is composed of special particularity of truck.I use the company is now well-developed business network, customer orders as long as the call letter, truckried out in accordance with the truck purchase process announced.

The Company will be within the time frame specified in the contractCheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperVehicles and complete forhorse powerties hands of the customer.We will be based on the actual needs of users, create high-quality, personalized private truck for each user, you are welcome to visit our company and product technology manufacturing strength, we will provide you with the best service!

3.Your production cycle to be long?

Answer: depending on the specificCheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperThe complexity and the number may be, under normal circumstances our production cycle10-15Day, customers in urgent need of such a vehicle, you can ask whether there is a vehicle to spot sales customer service.

4. Users outside your door you can send trucks?

Answer: Yes, my company truck flow requirements of customers can order online, signed a purchase contract.My company has a wealth of specialized transport fleet, is the experience of older drivers, the availability of skilled driving skills and professional special vehicle operations, delivery vehicles within the specified time to the designated locations, vehicle inspection qualified customers pay the full amount.Shipping costs shall be borne by the customer down payment.

5.Your payment is kind of how?

Answer: The two sides signed a formal contract, paid the total purchase price30%Under-production, post-paid balance vehicle inspection.of course,Cheng Li Changan 2.5 cbm sweeperAfter doing we will inform customers to the company vehicle inspection, if the customer is not convenient since the mention of our team ap model by the driver to take the truck, our house delivered to the hands of users through confirmation and then pay.

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