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Changan small high-pressure cleaning truck Euro VI

Changan small high-pressure cleaning truck Euro VI

Vehicle technical parameters
product name Road maintenance vehicle Vehicle model
Total mass 2165kg Rated quality 225kg
Curb quality 1810kg Number of passengers 2 people
Maximum speed (km/h) 103 Dimensions (mm) 5060×1650×2010mm


Chassis technical parameters
Chassis name Changan Chassis model SC1027DDA6
Number of axes 2 Number of tires 4
Wheelbase (mm) 3060 Tire specifications 175R14LT 8PR
Gearbox 5 gears Emission Standards Euro Six
Fuel type gasoline brake Air brake
engine model DAM15KR Engine horsepower Chongqing Yu’an 115 horsepower
Displacement (ml) 1498 power 85


Basic configuration
Chassis configuration
It adopts Changan single row Euro VI new cab, 3060 wheelbase, rearview mirror with turn signal, Chongqing Yu’an DK15C Euro VI gasoline engine, 82 kW, 115 horsepower, 5-speed gearbox, front and rear drum brakes, with ABS, 165R14LT 8PR tubeless tires (rear two wheels), reinforced through-beam, with original refrigeration and air-conditioning, original electronic assistance.
Upload configuration

Stainless steel water tank with a water tank volume of 2 cubic meters, Honda gasoline auxiliary engine, 20MPA plunger high-pressure pump, with a flow rate of 48L/min, equipped with a front washing rack, rear 15-meter self-returning reel + high-pressure water gun, which can wash sidewalks, Community access roads, roadside small advertisements, etc., are a good helper for community property, market management, urban sanitation, and park management.

Vehicle advantage The imported high-pressure pump unit is adopted, and the high-pressure water pump is driven by a gasoline engine, which does not interfere with the external driving system. The high-pressure cleaner system adopts imported original high-pressure water pump, the highest pressure can reach 150bar, the flow rate can reach 48L/min; the auxiliary engine adopts the gasoline engine of international famous brand.


High Pressure Cleaning

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