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Changan Refrigerated Truck ( EuroFourth)

Changan refrigerated truck (Euro Fourth) parameter configuration table and picture display

Chassis configuration:
Changan refrigerated truck , the chassis adopts the original Changan chassis, the engine is the original Changan 70 horsepower engine (Euro Fourth gasoline engine) tubeless tires with a wheelbase of 2750, 165R/70R13LT, and the whole vehicle adopts the advanced technology that Changan has accumulated in the minivan for many years. On the micro truck d, the appearance is stylish, strong and wear-resistant, with warm air. It is an ideal transportation tool for pharmaceutical companies, supermarkets, food factories, pharmaceutical factories, fast food express and so on.

Modification configuration:
The size of the Changan refrigerated truck : 4380×1580×2390mm , the body size: 2550×1410×1490mm , the standard configuration of minus 5 degrees fresh-keeping unit (optional -10 degrees -15 degrees deep cooling unit) insulation layer adopts 8CM thick and high density Imported polyurethane extruded board ( truck riage board is formed at one time and is pressed by the domestic advanced 16-meter hydraulic pressure plate), and the outer insulation layer is made of 1.2mm thick inner and outer color steel plates, inner and outer color steel plates, and inner and outer fiberglass (stainless steel can also be selected) Material production. The four sides are glued together with high-strength natural resin glue to form a closed plate, which is fastened with high-strength screws when assembled into a compartment. The shape is wrapped with high-quality aluminum alloy and the accessories are made of all 304 stainless steel. It has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, no water absorption, corrosion resistance, smooth surface, high strength, good insulation performance, strong corrosion resistance, and long service life (more than twice that of ordinary refrigerated truck s).

Related parameters and pictures of Changan minus 5 degrees refrigerated truck:

Main technical parameters of CLW5020XLC4 refrigerated truck
product name: China 4 Changan refrigerated truck Dimensions: 4380×1580×2390(mm)
Chassis model: SC1026DAN4 Cargo compartment size: 2550×1410×1490(mm)
Total mass: 1850(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 58/20(°)
Rated quality: 550(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 480/1150(mm)
Quality of preparation: 1170(Kg) Maximum speed: 90(km/h)
engine Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
JL466Q1 Chongqing Changan Automobile Co., Ltd. 1012 50.7
Emission Standards: GB18352.3-2005 Euro IV
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1280,1310/1290,1320(mm)
Wheelbase: 2750 Rear track: 1290,1320(mm)
Number of tires: 4 Tire specifications: 165/70R13LT,175R13LT
Fuel type: gasoline Number of springs: -/5
Axle load: 835/1015 Number of passengers in the cab: 2
Vehicle remarks: The top of the truck body is closed and cannot be opened.
Multi-dimensional map:  Changan 冷藏车

 Changan 冷藏车

 Changan 冷藏车

 Changan 冷藏车

 Changan 冷藏车

 Changan 冷藏车

Dedicated performance: The refrigerated truck body produced by our factory is made of high-quality glass material, the middle layer is made of authentic polyurethane insulation material, the edge of the truck body is wrapped with high-quality and beautiful aluminum alloy profiles, and the door frame and door lock trims are all made of stainless steel. The door is sealed with a one-time forming sealing strip and a thermal bridge isolation process is used. Refrigeration units are domestically produced Huatai Hanxue Kaixue K brand, and imported units are available from South Korea, Hana and American Carrier.
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