Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle


Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle, pavement cleaning vehicle, road maintenance vehicle

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

Model configuration and vehicle characteristics of road maintenance cleaning vehicles

Chassis: Euro VI 85KW gasoline engine, wheelbase 3060mm;

Water tank: Volume: 1.5m³, the clean water tank is made of high-quality steel sheet of national standard 4MM Wuhan Iron and Steel, which has strong vibration resistance, no deformation, and rust resistance. The water tank is equipped with a low water level observer to prevent damage to the high-pressure water pump due to lack of water. (Optional stainless steel water tank)

Unit: American Bailitong 14P horsepower gasoline engine or Honda GX390 electric start gasoline engine drive high-pressure pump unit imported from Italy; rated parameter flow: 50L/MIN, pressure: 15bar;

Filtration system: The water inlet of the water pump adopts a precision stainless steel filter to prevent dirt from entering the pump.

Road/dead corner cleaning: front high-pressure nozzle cleaning rack and single-point jet; the nozzle angle is adjustable, the cab is electrically controlled, which can achieve full swing up and down, left and right, the cleaning width is greater than 1.5 meters, the pressure reaches 15 MPa, and the ground can be cleaned. Clean stubborn stains;

Sidewalk maintenance: equipped with manual spray gun device and seven-hole hand-push nozzle cleaning device, which can clean all kinds of public facilities such as small advertisements, sidewalks, roadside billboards, etc., which is convenient for compact and flexible operation;

Cleaning reel: One reel and 15m high-pressure hose, the high-pressure flushing pressure can reach 15MPA, which can perform separate flushing operations on the ground, curbstones, walls, billboards, and bus stations.

Video surveillance of vehicle operation can be installed;

Low water level alarm can be installed;

Can be equipped with a disc scrubber;

Exploded diagram of road cleaning vehicle manufacturers' models

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

Pavement maintenance vehicle bodywork configuration details

1. The high-pressure washer system adopts imported original high-pressure water pump, the maximum pressure can reach 150bar, the flow can reach 50L/min; the auxiliary engine adopts the gasoline engine of international famous brand. The maximum cleaning width of the front sprinkler is 1.5 meters. During operation, the maximum water pressure of the system can reach 8MPa.

2. The fixed-point cleaning device can realize the deflection in the up, down, left, and right directions, which is used to clean the roadside and dead corners; during operation, the maximum water pressure of the system can reach 15Mp

3. The seven-hole scrubber is matched with the high-pressure pipe delivered with the car, and the maximum cleaning distance can reach 15 meters. It can clean the pavement that cannot be entered by vehicles on the sidewalk.

4. Equipped with a high-pressure hand-held water jet qiang for cleaning dirty oily ground and psoriasis advertising and other operations, the system can reach up to 15BAR

Road cleaning vehicle parameters

Changan Pavement maintenance vehicle

The cleaning vehicle is a new type of multifunctional road cleaning and maintenance vehicle developed by our company based on market demand that can clean urban sidewalks, non-motorized roads, stalls and oily roads and urban psoriasis. It is also suitable for garden spraying. The car is modified with the SC1022DAAG6 chassis of Changan Automobile Company. It has beautiful appearance, comfortable driving, simple operation, flexible maneuverability, convenient maintenance, low noise, high reliability, and emission of up to the Euro V standard. It can be widely used in urban sidewalks and non-motorized vehicle lanes. And other cleaning and pavement cleaning.


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