Changan mini road sweeping vehicle


Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeper truck wash sweep left side view

Changan mini road truck wash sweep sweeper sweeping width of about 2 jobs.2m, inhalation size φ80mm, cleaning per hour speed 5-20 km, can be cleaned by spraying with water when fully prevent secondary environmental pollution.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicles to wash sweeper chassis parts:

The use of Changan chassis, engine type, Ltd. is SC1031GDD52, Chongqing well-off power.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicles sweeping truck wash equipment part:

Band scan disk 4, the sub-engine Ryan (23KW, 31 horsepower), a joint venture of the motor, the control switch Schneider, Reese Heipp solenoid valve, automatically disconnect clutch maintenance, maintenance-free fan, stainless steel bins 1.7m3 water tank 0.4m3, the tail lamp LED arrow, emergency manual pump systems.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeper truck wash sweep right side view

Changan mini road sweeping vehicles to wash sweeper features:

Changan types of chassis using modification, installation sub-engine, turbine, water boxes, bins, approximately vertical sweep, the rear sucker, sweeping dust disk system, hydraulic system, a dedicated device electronic control system and other sub-frame refitted.

1, a new single-row cab Changan , 2990 wheelbase, electronic power, five Euro 88 horsepower gasoline engine, 5-speed, brake Qianpanhougu.165R14 vacuum tire, the wheel, reinforced straight beam.

2, the sub-engine uses strong performance Yuchai 56 horsepower 4-cylinder engine or a 32 hp engine Ryan.

3, the fan drive automatic clutch, reduce the impact on the engine when the fan is started and stopped.A clutch having a highly wear-resistant during use, long life, low noise, low fuel consumption and cost advantages.

4, maintenance wear centrifugal fan, no noise, high efficiency, air volume, long life.

5, water tank full advantage of the on-board space, volume 0.8m3.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeper truck wash sweep panorama

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeper truck wash sweeping view of the tail

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicleChangan mini road sweeping vehicle

Jie Yuan Cheng Li lifetime friend

Cheng Li Group compared with the same industry production qualification is the most complete, most diversified companies, the company dedicated sanitation trucks and light vehicles sales in rowFirst in the Euro, Is the first time through the A2, C2 three types of pressure vessels, low-speed truck vehicle qualified acceptance, acceptance of the new Euro standard fire private enterprises.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Cheng Li Group's ChengLi Special Automobile Co., Ltd. by almost all domestic and inter Euro certification Special Purpose Vehicle class: ISO9001-2008 quality management, ISO 14001 environmental management, OHSAS18001 occupational health and safety management system certification, 3C compulsory certification, GJB9001B -2009 military standard certification and privacy certification ( Euro levels), energy conservation and environmental protection certification automobile, truck exempt from certification, A Simi mechanical engineers (ASME) certification, the EU agreement ADR.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Made all kinds of key production qualification: A2, C2, C3 pressure vessel manufacturing qualification, lorry cranes, truck cranes, fire engines and other special equipment manufacturing qualification, the Euro science and technology weapons and equipment production qualification; indigenous innovation products in more than 100 countries to obtain patents, the group trademark "Cheng Liwei", "strong" are "famous Chinese trademark", a total of1040MoreSpecies on the Euro bulletin directory.

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Consulting provides truck mortgage process

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Changan mini road sweeping vehicle

Service commitment:

We follow quality policy is: "products is our eternal goal, customer satisfaction is our relentless pursuit of quality service is our commitment."To this end, we make the following commitments:

Free maintenance program and the time limit

1Free Warranty: One year.
2, time tracking service: life.
3, customers pay from the date of the vehicle's use, in normal use, free repair within one year, more than six months, and only pay part time charge.
4, 24-hour service: Our customer is always right for the purpose of service, customer trucke, trucke for each trolley service.


1.Where your company?How do I order?

Answer: Our company is located in Suizhou, our customers can directly come to our factory visits, satisfaction reorder; can also communicate good product, details and other issues through telephone sales staff, contract directly by fax.

2, Your company with us there is no point of sale?We want to see how to do truck?
Answer: special trucks is different from trucks like the 4S shop set up sales companies in the Euro, which is decided by the special nature of the special vehicles.I use the company is now well-developed business network, customer orders as long as the call letter, truckried out in accordance with the truck purchase process announced.

The company will contract within the stipulated time frame will complete the forhorse powerties and vehicle hands of the customer.We will be based on the actual needs of users, create high-quality, personalized private truck for each user, you are welcome to visit our company and product technology manufacturing strength, we will provide you with the best service!

3.Your production cycle to be long?

Answer: depending on the specific complexity and quantity may be, under normal circumstances our production cycle is 10-15 days, customers in urgent need of such a vehicle, you can consult customer service vehicle sales is in stock.

4. Users outside your door you can send trucks?

Answer: Yes, my company truck flow requirements of customers can order online, signed a purchase contract.My company has a wealth of specialized transport fleet, is the experience of older drivers, the availability of skilled driving skills and professional special vehicle operations, delivery vehicles within the specified time to the designated locations, vehicle inspection qualified customers pay the full amount.Shipping costs shall be borne by the customer down payment.

5.Your payment is kind of how?

Answer: The two sides signed a formal contract, advance payment of 30% of the total under-production, post-paid balance vehicle inspection.Of course, after doing we will inform customers to the company vehicle inspection, if the customer is not convenient since the mention of our team ap model by the driver to take the truck, our house delivered to the hands of users through confirmation and then pay.


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