Changan LED advertising vehicle


Hubei Chengli Automobile: Changan LED advertising vehicle (SC5026XXCDE) product model and parameter configuration, Changan LED advertising vehicle (SC5026XXCDE) high-definition pictures, Chengli Automobile series Changan LED advertising vehicle (SC5026XXCDE) for the latest quotation, please call the customer service hotline. Parameter configuration, bodywork configuration, vehicle model SC5026XXCDE, front passenger 2 total mass (kg) 2305, rated mass (kg) 525, 310, 175 curb mass (kg) 1650, 1865, 2000 emission standard GB18352.3-2005 national IV exterior dimensions (mm) 462016902600 Cargo compartment size (mm) 25101901820 Chassis configuration…

Changan LED advertising vehicle (SC5026XXCDE)

Changan LED advertising vehicle

Parameter configuration
Upload configuration

Vehicle model SC5026XXCDE Front passenger 2 Total mass (kg) 2305 Rated mass (kg) 525, 310, 175 Curb mass (kg) 1650, 1865, 2000 Emission standard GB18352.3-2005 Euro IV External dimensions (mm) 4620×1690×2600 Cargo compartment size (mm) 2510×1290×1820

Chassis configuration

Chassis model SC1025DD Number of axles 2 Wheelbase (mm) 2900, 2990 Number of tires 4 Fuel type Gasoline Front track (mm) 1410 Rear track (mm) 1350 Tire size 185R14LT 6PR

Vehicle description

With OBD; optional front fog lights, front wheel eyebrows removed; optional front vents and front bumpers in the same color as the body; this truck is a special vehicle for advertising, and the exterior patterns can be customized according to customer requirements. Light box, audio, hard disk recorder and other equipment; when the publicity box is equipped with an optional LED display, when the optional LED color display is installed on one side, the curb weight is 1865kg, the rated load weight is 310 kg, and the LED screens are installed on both sides : The curb weight is 2000kg and the rated load weight is 175Kg.

After-sales service

Three guarantees of after-sales service for chassis and bodywork for one year or 30,000 kilometers

payment method

Prepaid deposit for production, pay the balance in installments before picking up the truck


Down payment ratio 30%

Mode of transport

Come to the company to pick up or deliver the truck to the company's logistics department

Changan LED advertising vehicle
Changan LED advertising vehicle

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