Changan 2 ton road sweeper


Introduction: Chang'an small road sweeper has a tank volume of 2 tons, which is an ideal model for small enterprises and landscaping. The manufacturer of Chang'an 2 ton road sweeper provides a price of RMB 120,000. It can be installed in installments and free of service fees!

Changan 2 ton road sweeper

Changan 2-3 ton road sweeper

Vehicle model: CLW5030TSLS6, chassis model, SC1031XND4A, engine model DK15C, dimensions: 4810x1850x2150mm, see the attachment for detailed parameters, the sweeping pan has anti-collision and automatic avoidance functions, and the sweeping pan cleaning can be selected according to the severity of the ground and the driving speed In this way, the suction nozzle is rear-mounted floating, which can automatically adjust to the uneven ground conditions. The adjustable mist sprays water to pressure dust, which saves water and eliminates secondary pollution.

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Changan 2 ton road sweeper

Changan 2 ton road sweeperChangan 2 ton road sweeper

Changan 2 Ton Road Sweeper | Changan Small Road Sweeper Parameters

Vehicle model CLW5030TSLS6
Trash bin volume 2 cubic meters
Is it tax exempt? Yes
Water tank volume 0.5 cubic meters
Environmental notice have
Chassis model SC1031XND64A
Main engine Chongqing Yu'an 112 horsepower
Auxiliary engine Dongfeng Xiaokang 53 hp
Sweeping width >2m
Maximum operating capacity 13000-40000m2/h
Maximum inhaled particles Φ120mm
Emission Standards Euro Six
Dimensions 4810×1850×2150mm
Tyre model 175R14LT
Wheelbase 2700,2990mm

Dedicated configuration Changan 2 ton road sweeper

Dust box: 2 cubic meters meters, water tank: 0.5 cubic meters meters; central 4 sweep discs, rear suction cups, Sanyo cycloid motor, Dongfeng Xiaokang auxiliary engine, Schneider control switch, Hyprius solenoid valve group, continuously variable automatic clutch, free Maintenance of centrifugal fan, stainless steel dustbin, Polaris electronic water pump, dustbin lifting and self-unloading, tail LED arrow light, manual pump emergency system.

Optional configuration Changan 2 ton road sweeper

1. Optional sprinkler function: front flush, back sprinkle;
2. Optional vehicle front: snow removal shovel, snow roll, electronic remote control sprinkler;
3. Optional trash can self-cleaning function, reel water gun, reversing video operation monitoring;

Standard : Road sweeper: a new generation of environmentally friendly, combined washing, sweeping and suction special road sweeping vehicles, mainly suitable for mechanized sweeping and cleaning operations in urban streets, municipal squares, and large factories and mines. The entire vehicle has high operating efficiency, advanced and reliable technical performance, and the main components All pure imported parts are used, with beautiful appearance and strong practicability.

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