bulk feed transport tank body


The company specializes in the production of bulk feed trucks of various tonnages, which are normally licensed nationwide. Users can also bring their own vehicles to the factory to customize the tank. We customize the bulk feed tank according to the vehicle parameters such as the width of the vehicle's girder and the height of the girder from the ground. Generally, the height of the whole vehicle is controlled within 3.8 meters, and the size of the upper tank is about 2.3 meters. The customized tank volume can be processed from 6 to 40 cubic meters.

bulk feed transport tank body

bulk feed transport tank body

Bulk feed transport tank This kind of customized tank uses an external 380V power supply to drive the unloading. We determine the length of the top auger according to the size of the model. Generally, it is about 6 meters. The larger tank is 6.8 meters, and it can be extended to 7.5 meters. The top discharge auger can meet the height of the feed storage tank of various breeding plants.

The bottom of the tank is made of 4mm thick carbon steel plate, the top is 3mm thick checkered plate, and the motor adopts Siemens and other well-known domestic brands. The top-loading tank body is guaranteed by our manufacturer for one year after sale.

Bulk feed tank logistics delivery

1. The bulk feed tank is a top-loading product that integrates loading and transportation. It only needs to be installed directly on the original transport vehicle when used. The power adopts an external three-phase power supply. The bottom of the vehicle can be used as a vehicle chassis. Can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. According to different requirements, the feed box can be divided into two to four feed rooms, and different feeds can be loaded at the same time. Convenient and flexible control structure, which can be freely and freely selected to control the output of materials.

3. Bulk feed is sealed and transported in the box to reduce losses, ensure quality and avoid pollution.

4. The whole equipment is composed of horizontal auger, vertical auger, lifting auger, hydraulic push rod, anti-reverse electric control part and box body. The structure is simple and reliable, and the operation is convenient and flexible. Continuous operation can greatly improve labor productivity

bulk feed transport tank body

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