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Bulk feed transport semi-trailer (49.2 cbm meters)

Bulk feed transport semi-trailer (49.2 cbm ) parameter configuration table and picture display

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Total mass (kg) 38100 Curb weight (kg) 15725
Rated mass (kg) 22375 Chassis model
The number of passengers in the cab (person) Load capacity of semi-trailer saddle 15000
Approach angle/departure angle (°) -/14 Front suspension/rear suspension -/2290
Dimensions (mm) 10000X2520X4000 Cargo compartment size (mm) XX
Total mass of trailer (kg) Axle load -/23100 (three-axis parallel)
Number of axes 3 Maximum speed
Tire specifications 11.00-20 12PR Number of tires 12
Front track Rear track 1840/1840/1840
Wheelbase 7590+1310+1310 Number of springs -/8/8/8,-/10/10/10

1. The running part of the chassis adopts three 13-ton axles of Guangdong Fuhua, 12 steel wire tires 11.00-20, 28-ton outriggers, and 90# traction pin.
2. The feed tank has a volume of 49.2 cubic meters and is made of Euro standard 5mm truck bon steel plate. The material is conveyed in the form of an electric auger. It can be operated by plugging in 380 volts. The electric motor drives the mechanical auger to unload the material. The material speed is fast (0.55 tons per minute).
3. The top barrel type screw auger is driven by a hydraulic motor, and the electric button controls the up, down, left and right rotation. The horizontal distance is 7.2 meters, the vertical distance is 8.2 meters, and the residual rate is less than 0.1. Continuous operation can be used to greatly improve production efficiency.
4. The tank has a three-storage structure, with independent bins, and can be divided into three different feeds; each part has a simple structure, convenient and flexible operation, and easy maintenance.


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