Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck


Mercedes-Benz 18-ton water tank fire truck , vehicle model: Jiangte brand JDF5380GXFSG180 water tank fire truck, the whole vehicle is mainly composed of Mercedes-Benz Arocs 4158 special chassis, independent crew room, water tank, pump room, It is composed of pumping system, intelligent integrated control system, water gun, water cannon, vehicle-mounted fire fighting equipment and other auxiliary facilities. After the whole vehicle is modified, the load distribution is even, the center of mass position and stability are calculated accurately, and the internal space layout is reasonable, which can fully meet the operating requirements of the operator. The vehicle has strong power, high reliability, safe water tank capacity up to 18T, equipped with imported fire pump, 166L/s @ 1.0MPa ultra-large flow, high combat efficiency, abundant pumping system interfaces, and can be used in parallel with vehicles such as remote water supply , to maintain continuous combat, is the main battle fire truck of the urban fire emergency rescue force.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck
Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck
Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck
Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Basic parameters of water tank fire truck

product trademark Jiangte product name JDF5380GXFSG180 water tank fire truck
Total mass (Kg) 38000 Curb weight (Kg) 19350
Cab ride 2 people Crew room 7 people
number of axes 4 Wheelbase(mm) 1750+4300+1350
Approach / departure angle 21/12(°) front suspension/rear suspension 1500/2314(mm)
Number of tires 12 Tire specifications 315/80 R22.5
Front track 2058/2058 rear track 1804/1804
Axle load(Kg) 5900/7340/1238 top speed 100(Km/h)
Chassis model Arocs 4158 brand name Mercedes Benz
manufacturer daimler AG drive form 8*4
Number of leaf springs 4/4/4/4 engine specific power 11KW/T
Fuel type diesel fuel Dimensions (mm) 11214×2550×3314
engine model engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power(Kw)
OM473LA.5-52 daimler AG 15569 425
Emissions according to standards GB17691-2005 euro V, GB3847-2005 Tail Gas Emission Standard

Scope of application and functional characteristics of Mercedes-Benz 18-ton water tank fire truck

Mercedes-Benz 18-ton water tank fire truck is specially used for emergency fire fighting and other emergency support work. Main features of the car:

1. The whole vehicle has strong power and high reliability, and the safety water tank capacity can reach 18T;

2. Equipped with original imported fire pump, 166L/s @ 1.0MPa super large flow, high combat efficiency;

3. Equipped with intelligent control system, automatic pressure balance, high degree of automation and easy operation;

4. Integrated control system interface, real-time display of the operating status of the chassis and pump set; set limit working status limits, alarm prompts for abnormal situations; in emergency situations, realize emergency treatment such as automatic decompression, speed reduction, shutdown, etc., with high safety;

5. The pumping system has rich interfaces and can be used in parallel with vehicles such as remote water supply to maintain continuous operations;

6. The frame of the upper body of the whole vehicle is made of aluminum alloy material, with a lightweight design;

7. Equipped with an independent crew room, which can independently carry 7 firefighters in wartime state;

8. The vehicle is equipped with hoses, joints, ladders, tools and equipment, and the operation is convenient and fast.

Main configuration and function introduction of water tank fire truck

top body

The top-loading box is composed of two parts: the fireman's cabin and the box. The shape of the box is based on the outline of the cab. The outline of the equipment box, the tank and the pump room pass through the front side deflector of the box. The room maintains overall harmony and transitions naturally.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

The upper ends of both sides of the carriage are made of aluminum alloy hoardings and embedded with lighting and warning lamps, which meet the standards of fire warning lamps and signs, and are beautiful and novel in appearance and highly recognizable. The pump room, equipment compartment and other working areas are designed with hidden LED light strips for night operation lighting.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

The lower skirt of the box body adopts the structure of the eversion pedal door, which is made of light aluminum alloy profiles, and the end face is developed with a special decorative sealing plate. The end face of the flip pedal door is equipped with an inlaid warning light. When the pedal door is open, it exceeds the size limit of the vehicle, and the warning light will continue to flash to indicate; after the pedal door is closed, the contact switch will automatically turn off the power and the warning light will turn off. The wheel part of the lower skirt of the car body is also designed with wheel covers in combination with the shape of the car body, fully considering the maintainability, and covering and beautifying the lower skirt of the car body.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

The rear of the box is designed with a folding aluminum alloy climbing ladder. The folding parts of the ladder are locked by stainless steel buckles. The hinges of the upper and lower sections of the ladder are equipped with shock-absorbing rubber pads. The upper part of the ladder is equipped with double handrail protection. , the step depth and height meet the requirements of ergonomics and related standards. The top of the box is equipped with a pull-ladder flip frame, equipped with a 6M aluminum alloy pull-ladder, and the top pull-ladder can be put down conveniently and quickly through a stainless steel pull rod. The roof is also equipped with a suction pipe, which can be quickly connected to the required length through the cassette quick connectors at both ends of the water pipe, which is convenient and fast to operate. The top of the carriage is all paved with anti-slip patterned aluminum plates, which can safely walk and operate the equipment.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truckBenz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Separate crew compartment

The front of the box is provided with an independent crew compartment, which can accommodate 7 firefighters in combat state. The two sides are equipped with tempered glass doors and automatic retractable flip pedals, and both sides of the doors are equipped with glass sliding windows. The passenger compartment is equipped with an independent heating and cooling air-conditioning system, and the walls and roof are covered with flame-retardant interior materials, which are fixed with decorative aluminum profile battens.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truckBenz 18 ton water tank fire truck

There are 7 sets of single seats in the independent passenger compartment, 4 sets of universal adjustable air breathing apparatus brackets are embedded in the seat back, and air breathing apparatus is embedded. The air respirator has a mechanical locking mechanism to lock it. The release handle of the mechanical locking mechanism is at the place where the occupant is convenient to touch. The size of the handle ensures that it can be operated with protective gloves. Firefighters can quickly carry air respirators on their way to the fire and rescue operations, and immediately start firefighting and rescue operations when they arrive at the fire scene.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

The passenger compartment is equipped with door ladders and handrails that are convenient for firefighters to get up and down. The handrails are reliably fixed to the car body and can withstand 100kg of pulling force without falling off and breaking. The armrest is made of metal material, and the outside of the armrest is coated with a non-metallic layer and has anti-skid patterns, which are high enough for passengers to grasp on the seat. According to the opening/closing state of the door, the pedal is controlled by intelligent induction linkage to retract and lower. The boarding and exiting pedals of the passenger compartment are equipped with lighting devices, and the lighting switch is controlled by the door linkage, and the lighting is linked on/off when the door is opened/closed. The floor mats laid on the floor of the passenger compartment are made of flame-retardant materials, whose flame-retardant properties meet the requirements of GB8410, meet the requirements of environmental protection, and can reduce noise, prevent slippage, and facilitate cleaning. The overall interior of the passenger compartment is equipped with an LED lighting system, and the top is equipped with dual-system air conditioning.
Passenger compartment overhead air conditioner cooling rated power: 940W; heating rated power: 900W; drive type: 24V DC power drive; small and compact does not occupy the interior space of the car; the integrated design of the overall copper pipe and pipeline of the air conditioner, the pipeline connection is reliable and reduces the refrigerant The probability of leakage is increased, and the service life of the product is increased.


Capacity: water 18000kg Type: external container
Material: High-quality 304 stainless steel, which has been treated with anti-corrosion to enhance the corrosion resistance of the tank. The relevant welds are welded in strict accordance with the national welding process standards, and the inspection is qualified. The thickness of the bottom of the tank is 5mm, the thickness of the side plate is 4mm, and the thickness of the top plate is 3mm. .
Structure: Independent tank body, with vertical and horizontal anti-sway plates installed in the tank to reduce the impact of water in the tank on the tank body during the driving process of the vehicle; the top of the tank is provided with a quick locking and opening device for automatic pressure relief. The diameter of the hole cover is 450 mm, and the maintenance manhole is easy to enter and exit, which conforms to the national standard. There is a DN80mm overflow pipe in the water tank, and an all-stainless steel float type liquid level indicator, which can display the capacity of the fire extinguishing agent in the tank through the liquid level on the instrument panel. The bottom of the tank is provided with a liquid collecting tank, and the lower part is provided with a sewage outlet. The tank body and the carriage are made separately, and the bottom of the tank is provided with a longitudinal joist with a reinforced double plate to support it without deformation for a long time. Each support point is equipped with special rubber support blocks for anti-vibration and fatigue engineering, and adopts elastic connection mechanism.
Water tank accessories:
1 entry hole with quick locking and opening device.
Electronic liquid level indicator × 2, set in the tank, and displayed in the pump room instrument control box.
Overflow pipe: DN80mm*1

pumping system

The pumping system is designed with a dedicated pump chamber with an independent structure, and the left/right side and the rear side are designed with rolling shutters that can be opened/locked. The pumping system consists of fire pump, pipeline system, hose, water gun, joint, etc.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Main technical parameters of fire pump:

Model: 8FC Manufacturer: American Hill
Flow: 166L/s @ 1.0MPa
Installation form: rear type
Drive form: driven by the car engine through the power take-off
Seal: mechanical seal
Maximum suction depth: ≥7 meters
Vacuum pump: Hill ESP (DC24V), the same brand as the pump
Diversion time: ≤100s

piping system

Suction pipeline: There are 4 DN150mm external suction ports at the rear of the pump room, a special inner snap-type cover, which is sealed with a buckle. The position of the suction port is reasonably designed, and there is enough space for the rotation of the suction pipe and the rotation of the suction pipe wrench, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly. straw. Set up a DN250mm rear water inlet pipeline, a DN250 pneumatic butterfly valve, and a filter screen to prevent the pump body from being damaged by inhaling impurities.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Water outlet pipeline : There are 3 DN80mm water outlets on both sides of the pump house, and the end of the water outlet is equipped with a manual stop valve, which is reasonably designed and easy to open and close.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Fire monitor outlet pipeline: The pipeline from the water pump (through the water tank) to the water monitor is DN100mm, equipped with DN100mm pneumatic butterfly valve control.
Water injection pipeline: Two DN80mm external water injection ports are set on the left and right sides of the vehicle body. A Φ80mm tank water filling pipeline is set in the pump room, and water can be injected into the tank through a water pump, and a pneumatic control valve is provided.

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

Residual water pipeline: install residual water pipelines at the lowest positions of the pipeline and the water pump, and are equipped with ball valves respectively, and set them at a position under the pump room where they are easy to open.

Electronically controlled fire monitor

The top of the vehicle is equipped with an electronically controlled fire monitor, which can be remotely controlled (wired/wireless) through a remote controller, which can operate the fire monitor without climbing the top and improve combat efficiency. The main parameters of the electronically controlled fire monitor are as follows:
Brand: Monsoon 150S
Manufacturer: American TFT
Flow : 150L/s@1.0MPa
Range: water ≥ 90 meters
Tilt angle: -45°~+90° Horizontal angle: 360°
Installation location: top of the carriage
Control method: wired + wireless remote control

Benz 18 ton water tank fire truck

According to the relevant national standards, combined with the status quo of the emergency support system and the actual operational needs, our company makes full use of the effective space of the vehicle, and reasonably arranges various equipment, special tools or equipment, in order to deal with emergencies, natural disasters and other various emergency support services.

On-board equipment list

serial number name unit quantity serial number name unit quantity
1 fire suction pipe strip 6 9 above ground hydrant wrench piece 2
2 Fire Hose strip 10 10 underground fire hydrant wrench piece 1
3 water filter piece 3 11 DC water gun Bundle 2
4 three-way divider piece 3 12 multifunctional water gun Bundle 2
5 Special-shaped, different-diameter interface indivual 8 13 Jug Gun Bundle 2
6 Suction wrench piece 2 14 iron collar Bundle 2
7 Hose wrap piece 4 15 shovel Bundle 2
8 Hose hook piece 4 16 4KG dry powder fire extinguisher indivual 2

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