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Parameter configuration table and picture display of back tank flat asphalt truck – truck moumted Asphalt Tank transporter

The back-tank asphalt truck is a relatively flexible asphalt transport vehicle . The asphalt tank can move freely, but when it is not transporting asphalt, the tank can be unloaded and used for other purposes. However, the asphalt tank must be combined with the car body, but to maintain the stability and smoothness of the vehicle in operation.

The main purpose of the asphalt tanker is to maintain/repair/build the road surface. In order to strengthen the asphalt/emulsified asphalt tank body that can bear the load on the road surface, what are the main components of the asphalt tank: flatbed truck, asphalt tank body, asphalt pumping and It is composed of spray system, heat conduction oil heating system, hydraulic system, combustion system, control system, pneumatic system and operating platform.

Asphalt is a kind of high-temperature liquid. It needs to be used at a certain temperature and constant temperature. Therefore, when making asphalt trucks, asphalt insulation must be used first: the iron sheet is used for outsourcing, and it is lined with high-tech temperature insulation materials for long insulation time. A heating pipe is installed in the tank to conduct heat. There are three heating methods: steam, coal and diesel blowtorch.

There are many heating methods for asphalt trucks, depending on the customer’s geographical environment and the customer’s choice. Generally, the heating methods for asphalt trucks include steam heating/coal heating/electric heating.

The main purpose of asphalt transport vehicles:

Asphalt trucks are used for long, medium and short distance transportation of liquid asphalt. Automatic ignition diesel burner is used for heating and heat preservation. In addition, it is also used for the penetration of asphalt pavement and the spraying binder in the construction of asphalt surface treatment, and it can also be used to add surface treatment layer to the plant-mixed black gravel pavement in high-grade pavement. The asphalt truck can be designed with self-unloading function, the inclination angle is not more than 17 degrees, and the asphalt unloading is convenient and fast. The imported heater has the blast function, the heating effect is good, and the heat preservation effect is good. It is an ideal asphalt insulation truck.

Features of liquid asphalt truck:

Performance characteristics: It has the functions of asphalt self-flow unloading, pump pressure unloading, pumping tanking, and in-situ transportation. Good heat preservation, large carrying capacity and strong adaptability.

1. The vehicle-type structure has a small turning radius; the tank has a trapezoidal cross section, large volume, low center of gravity, and compact structure;

2. The asphalt tank is equipped with a heating system, equipped with imported diesel burners, with good combustion quality and no pollution;

3. A unique heat-conducting oil system is used to heat the asphalt pump and valve; the hydraulic system drives the asphalt pump and the heat-conducting oil pump, with reliable transmission and convenient operation;

4. Multifunctional pumping system, reliable transmission, convenient operation, can meet various needs in asphalt transportation; with full liquid level display and full level alarm system, it is convenient to control the level of asphalt in the tank;

5. Self-flow unloading: When the oil storage tank is lower than the asphalt truck, it can be directly discharged by self-flow;

6. Pressure discharge: when the oil storage tank is higher than the asphalt truck, pressure pumping is used;

7. Self-pump suction: the asphalt in the insulation tank or oil storage tank can be sucked into the car through its own oil discharge pipe, without the need for an external pump;

8. Internal circulation: In the asphalt heating process, internal circulation can be carried out to improve the quality of asphalt heating;

9. External pump input: bitumen can be injected through the tank top manhole.

10. It is suitable for various conditions of operation, with large traction, strong bearing capacity and comfortable driving;

It is used to spread the permeable oil, waterproof layer and adhesive layer of the bottom layer of asphalt pavement for high-grade highways. It can be sprayed with high-viscosity modified asphalt, heavy-duty asphalt, emulsified asphalt, etc. It can also be used for county and township-level highway oil road construction where layered paving technology is implemented.


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