Areas that are easily overlooked in the maintenance of the chassis of the cleaning suction truck in winter


Last weekend, I entered "Xiaoxue". Many areas in the north and south have spent the rain and snow, and many areas have experienced the first snowfall this winter. In the coming week, large-scale snowfall will occur in Shaanxi, Shaanxi, Hunan, Jiangxi and other regions. With the arrival of winter, our cleaning and suction trucks also need to prepare for the winter.
Areas that are easily overlooked in the maintenance of the chassis of the cleaning suction truck in winter

Tire cleaning and suction trucks have a heavy weight and load, resulting in long-term heavy load on tires. In the cold winter, the tire texture becomes hard and brittle, and its elasticity and toughness decrease. So at this time, we need to check the tires of cleaning suction trucks. If your tires have been used for more than two years, or the surface pattern of the tires has been worn flat, please replace the tires in time to avoid such dangerous phenomena as punctures and insufficient tire grip. In addition, the adjustment of the tire pressure is also essential. The cold weather causes the tire pressure to drop, and the tires should be inflated in time.

The brake cleaning the sewage suction truck is still because of its own gravity, heavy load, and natural inertia. Moreover, the medium loaded in the cleaning and suction truck has strong fluidity. When braking, the center of gravity moves forward and backward due to the surging of the liquid, which increases the braking requirements. All winter comes, we need to pay attention to whether the brake fluid for cleaning the sewage suction truck is sufficient, whether the quality has deteriorated, and should be filled or replaced in time when necessary. Pay attention to whether the brakes are weakened or run off. The pedaling force of the brake pedal and the position of the wheel lock point during braking. If necessary, clean the pipeline part of the entire brake system. Check the degree of wear of the brake pads and replace them if necessary.

The oil replacement time of the multi-purpose sewage suction truck cannot be calculated according to the mileage commonly used by ordinary trucks, because the cleaning operation of the sewage suction truck is idling and the vehicle does not travel. It seems that the driving distance is not much, but the actual working time of the engine is quite Long, so we need to determine the time to change the oil according to our actual frequency of use. Especially in areas where the temperature is particularly low in winter, we should change the winter oil after entering the winter. The kinematic viscosity of winter motor oil is low, which is what we usually say looks thinner. If the oil viscosity is too high, its fluidity will be poor, which will increase the engine load and make it difficult to ignite a cold truck .

Areas that are easily overlooked in the maintenance of the chassis of the cleaning suction truck in winter

Battery In the early morning, you are about to start a multi-tasking sewage suction truck to go out to work, but you find that your truck can't catch fire. Have you encountered this situation? If your truck battery has been used for two years, then you should first suspect that the battery is insufficient. In addition to checking the condition of the battery, it is also necessary to check the spark plug and circuit problems of the cleaning suction truck.

It is obvious that everyone is not as good as driving a private truck when driving a cleaning suction truck. It can be seen from the addition of glass water. You add special glass water to a private truck , and you add tap water to pretend to be glass water to clean a sewage suction truck . But in winter, we can't use tap water as glass water. Change the special glass water in advance to prevent the glass water from freezing and freezing the pipes and nozzles, and the glass cannot be cleaned, or after the glass is cleaned, it freezes and damages the wiper, which affects the line of sight.

The above are the parts of the chassis of the cleaning suction truck, which are easier to overlook during maintenance. After reading this article, I hope you can check for yourself if you have overlooked it. If you have overlooked it, please pay attention to it. Tomorrow, I will talk about the maintenance and maintenance of the high-pressure cleaning part of the cleaning and suction truck in winter.

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