Aerial work vehicle


Introduction of Aerial work vehicles

Aerial work vehicle


Aerial work vehicles are special vehicles that transport workers and use equipment to the site and perform aerial work.

Articulated aerial work truck can work overhang, cross a certain obstacle or lift at one place to perform multi-point work; the platform has a large load capacity, which can be used by two or more people to work at the same time and can truck ry certain equipment; the lift platform moves Good performance, convenient transfer site; beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor operation and storage. Suitable for stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, community properties, factories and mines, etc.

Trailer-type folding boom aerial work vehicle, easy to move, compact folding arm structure, using new high-quality steel, high strength, light weight, directly connected to AC power or starting with its own DC power supply, fast erection speed, worktable can be raised and It can be extended horizontally and can be rotated, and it is easy to reach obstacles to reach the working position. It is an ideal aerial work equipment.

There are operating devices in the bucket and on the slewing base, which remotely control the start / stop, high / low speed of the engine. The electro-hydraulic proportional valve is used to control the movement of the arm. Rotating, the level of the working tank is automatically maintained by the link mechanism. When the main pump fails, the emergency pump can be operated to lower the working tank. It has night lighting and can lift heavy objects. The outriggers of the truck are separately separated and adjustable, so that the entire truck can be leveled on uneven roads. The vehicle is easy to move and can be suitable for narrow areas and small streets. The products are widely used in high-altitude operation fields such as electricity, street lights, municipal administration, gardens, communications, airports, shipbuilding (repair), transportation, advertising, photography, etc.

Main parts of Aerial work vehicles

1. Using domestic and imported reversing valves and hydraulic cylinders, the reversing is stable, the operation is flexible and convenient, the hydraulic system realizes interlocking on and off the truck , overload protection, and the cylinder is safe and self-locking

2. Double-station operation of turntable and bucket

3. Compact boom structure, good maneuverability and large working range

4. Interlocking of legs and working arm, safe and reliable, preventing misoperation

5. H-type outriggers with large span and good stability. The outriggers can be retracted and linked independently. Equipped with outrigger flashing lights. They are used to show the outriggers during operation and emit light alarm signals

6. Waterproof switch has limit function, alarm for dangerous working conditions, superior safety performance

7. Optionally equipped with 1 ton hook (hook retractable 800-1000mm)

8. Optional automatic protection system to prevent misoperation

9. Optional emergency power source, ignition and flameout device

10. Optional electronic control system with electro-hydraulic proportional speed control, stepless speed regulation, smooth operation / electronic control system can optionally be equipped with ground wireless remote control operating system


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