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5 tons sprinkler Dongfeng DLK chassis disinfection truck

5 tons sprinkler Dongfeng DLK chassis disinfection truck configuration: Euro V emission standards, Miles Young 5-speed gearbox, 188 straight beams, two tons front axle, rear axle 3.5 tons, 700r16 original tires, new reversible single row cab, brake air brake, with the direction of power, the clutch booster.

5 tons sprinkler Dongfeng DLK chassis disinfection truck configuration: Wu tank with 4 mm thick steel plate, welded, the fortification surfers, Cheng Li sprinkler pump power, self-absorbent, discharge pressure, downfield 14 meters wide, sprinkle pressure dust 14 meters wide, 7 m head cbm showers, high green tail high water cannon, a range of 28 meters (45 meters antiaircraft optional), adjustable water column, large rain, drizzle, etc., do temporary fire extinguishing.
5 tons sprinkler Dongfeng DLK chassis disinfection truckOptional configurations: sprinkler according to user needs to work, the material may be made of stainless steel material tank, the outer tank installation of the insulation layer, a corrosion preventive treatment, optional 20 m green spraying reel, drug pumps, tank corrosion prevention rust treatment, sprinkler pump, multi-faceted joint out of the water, steam valve, lights, high pressure professional spraying atomized treatment system, to meet different needs work.Veyron pump, led lights, pneumatic control valves, spraying unit, other special requirements.
5 tons sprinkler Dongfeng DLK chassis disinfection truck Truck Accessories: 1 set of hand tools, needle nose nozzle 2, duckbill nozzle 2, two shower heads, water cannons a suction pipe 2, gadgets lock 2, all kinds of seals and pad several pieces.
  Users can upload own chassis, I plant to provide parts production modifications, I produced sprinkler green spray vehicles are versatile, can meet different users in different environments in which:
  1. Spray sprinklers: the installation of spraying means, the spraying range of 15-80 meters Alternatively, the volume filled with water optionally 4-20 cbm. 2.Fecal suction sprinkler: Set fecal suction watering in one and, with gasoline Honda sprinkler pump sewage pump vacuum suction power +. 3.Cargo sprinkler: canned in water tank trucks, equipped with sprinkler pump can also be installed taps for water storage sites and mines. 4.Insulation sprinkler: outer tank plus 8 cm thick insulation, used for the North, the hot water can be transported. 5.Snow shovel sprinkler: snow shovel with detachable front of the truck, open in winter for snow removal, convenient and reliable. 6.With crane sprinkler: with crane, 2-10 ton crane can be equipped for watering trees crane Planting. 7.Fire sprinkler: artillery fire with a fire pump, a range of 45 meters, an interface equipped with fire, for fire fighting. 8.Off-road sprinkler: The 4WD drive chassis 6, off-road tires for mining operations and so colliery.
Sprinkler special function:Vertical suction lift> 6m, sprinkler width> 14 m, a range> 28 m.Sprinkler downfield (pavement can mud, dust, waste rinse); sprinkle (uniformly sprayed with water on the road, a sprinkler width> 14 m), the front cbm spray (shower) (passage can be uniformly next to the green belt irrigation), working platform installation green water spray gun (gun belt after heavy rain on the platform, moderate rain, drizzle, mist adjustable).With the first Euro quality leader dedicated sprinkler pump power, water time <5 minutes, flow 90 cubic meters / hour.With a fire connection with gravity valve with self-priming function.
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