5 tons -38.5 tons bulk feed tanker


5 tons-38.5 tons of bulk feed tank truck parameter configuration table and picture display

5 tons -38.5 tons bulk feed tanker5 tons -38.5 tons bulk feed tanker

5 tons -38.5T bulk feed transport tanker to meet the transport needs of smaller feed (we can produce 2-30 tons), suitable for small and medium sized farms feed directly transported in breeding farms, such as transporting feed from the feed between the production truck Arrive at the material tower, and then drive into the material tower through the electric screw auger of the material truck.

The unloading time of a 5 ton bulk feed transporter is about 20 to 25 minutes. The entire unloading process can be completed. Its weight is about 2.2 tons, and it can drive the material into a 6-meter-high turret. The maximum rotation angle can be 135 degrees. What other questions please contact bulk feed truck plant: Hotline: 0722-3585618 Mobile: 15997903099.

Bulk feed transport vehicle is a special transport vehicle made of high-quality and high-strength steel plates welded to form tanks on the basis of various trucks or second-class chassis provided by customers, and equipped with electric or hydraulic screw auger unloading system. . The feed transport vehicle is composed of a chassis, a feed tank, a feed auger system and an electro-hydraulic operating system. The main features of the bulk feed transporter are: the tank body is welded and formed by high-quality steel plates, and the sub-silo can load and unload a variety of different feeds at the same time. The electro-hydraulic screw auger unloading saves manpower and time. In a leading position among similar products.

Bulk feed trucks are mainly used in various feed factories, large-scale breeding plants and other granular feed handling and transportation, and can also be used to transport certain non-corrosive granular raw materials, such as pharmaceutical factory powder and grain storage turnover. The bulk feed transport truck produced by our company can transport different types of feeds at one time by setting up separate warehouses. It has obvious convenience advantages and a wide range of uses. It is an essential transportation tool for breeding farms and feed factories.

The main classification of bulk feed transport vehicles (according to the unloading drive mode): electric auger type: suitable for feed loading and unloading and transportation in three-phase power and electricity supporting places; hydraulic auger type: suitable for feed loading and unloading and transportation in non-power supporting places.

Overall dimensions of tank ( length * width * height ) ( mm )
Corresponding to the corresponding volume
Effective volume of tank (m3)
Corresponding to the corresponding tank size
Number of tanks
1-5 (with sub-storage means, which can transport a number of different types of feed)
Average discharge speed ( kg/min )
510 (There will be corresponding changes for different drive forms )
Swivel angle of movable unloading system
± 180 °
Maximum elevation angle of movable unloading system
60 °
Maximum horizontal distance ( m )
Maximum vertical distance ( m )
Residual rate


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