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40 tons of asphalt semi-trailer truck (40 cubic meters)

40 tons of asphalt semi-trailer truck (40 cubic meters) parameter configuration table and picture display

Vehicle technical parameters
Product trademark Cheng Liwei Announcement batch 238
product name Cheng Liwei product code ZK7R03VJ01H
Total mass 40000(kg) Tank volume 40(m3)
Rated contained mass 29000 (kg) Dimensions 12990X2500X3850(mm)
Curb quality 11000(kg) Cargo compartment size XX(mm)
Rated passenger Total mass of semi-trailer
The number of passengers in the cab Load quality utilization factor
Approach / departure angle -/20(°) Front suspension/rear suspension -/1440(mm)
Number of axes 3 Wheelbase 7200+1350+1350
Axle load -/24000 (three-axis parallel) Maximum speed
Pump External power supply asphalt pump Tires 11.00R20*12
Tank skin Cold plate Outrigger 28t linkage leg
Tank material Carbon steel Axle 13t Fuhua
Insulation material thickness 8CM Insulation Materials Rock wool
Tank thickness 6mm heating equipment Diesel combustion heating
other Effective tank volume: 40 cubic meters, tank dimensions (mm): front end of tank (long × long axis × short axis): 3700 × 2480 × 1800; rear end of tank (long × long axis × short axis): 8900×2480×2100, (the actual size is front end: 3600×2280×1600; rear end: 8800×2280×1900)

The performance characteristics of the asphalt oil tank semi-trailer truck : It has the functions of asphalt self-flow unloading, pump pressure unloading, pumping tank filling, and in-situ transportation. Good heat preservation, large truck rying capacity and strong adaptability.
1. The vehicle-type structure has a small turning radius; the tank has a trapezoidal cross section, large volume, low center of gravity, and compact structure;
2. The asphalt tank is equipped with a heating system, equipped with imported diesel burners, with good combustion quality and no pollution;
3. A unique heat-conducting oil system is used to heat and keep asphalt pumps and valves; the hydraulic system drives the asphalt pump and the heat-conducting oil pump, with reliable transmission and easy operation​

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