4.2M RV trailer

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4.2M towed RV parameter configuration table and picture display

4.2M RV trailer

Vehicle name:



Towed truck avan

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+86 18872992009


Suizhou, Hubei



Standard price:

168 000

Driver's license requirements:



Family truck

files        Bit:

Manual gear

Production status :

in stock

Technical parameters of trailer


Vehicle form

Tour ranking truck trailer


Dimensions (mm)

5330 × 2400 × 2400


Indoor size ( mm )

4300 × 2200 × 1980


Standard configuration of trailer



Equipment name


Equipment name


Body structure and accessories

One-piece outer glass profile

Electrical appliances, audio-visual, lighting systems

Special water heater for dual power RV


Aluminum skeleton sandwich composite body

24 inch LED LCD TV


Top skylight

Refrigerator for RV


With double insulation screens from vehicle window roller blind

Inlaid induction cooker / range hood


Luggage compartment under the rear bed

Ceiling lamp/bedside lamp/external lighting/reading lamp


Manual self-rolling awning

power supply system

Imported power center


Colorful truck stickers

Cape portable generator



Fabric soft bag

Luxury master control switch panel


High-end mattresses, cushions 

Imported water level/electricity display panel,


Environmental protection sheet

External 220V AC power input socket


Super wear-resistant non-slip floor leather

High power inverter



Luxury fabric sofa

15m external cable


Liftable peach table

water system

Wash basin assembly


Vertical double bed

External water injection port for RV


Overall wardrobe

External water injection pipe assembly


Combination cabinets, wall cabinets

100 liters gray water tank



Whole bathroom

150 liters water purification tank


Toilet for RV

Air conditioning system

1.5P air conditioner


RV special wash basin

Security system

Smoke detector


Bathroom exhaust fan

Fire extinguisher


Optional configuration of trailer trailer



Back on the ladder

Top guardrail

Mobile Satellite TV

Four-way monitoring


Top guardrail

4.2M RV trailer

4.2M RV trailer

4.2M RV trailer

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