360 rotating traction advertising vehicle


360 rotary traction advertising vehicle parameter configuration table and picture display

360 rotating traction advertising vehicle

The configuration of the latest upright traction advertising vehicle in 2015:
1) Walking part
2) Vertical hydraulic lifting platform and support system
3) LED outdoor full color truck screen
4) Playback system, multimedia control system
5) Vehicle stability system
6) Power supply equipment
Technical parameters of the latest vertical tractor advertising vehicle in 2015:
1) Walking part:

Dimensions: 6600X1820X2650mm Material: 1.5mm thick steel plate
Body: Front axle + rear axle brake: Front wheel brake, with brake light
Tires: 750 tires Total mass: 6000kgs
Minimum turning diameter: ≤18000mm

2) Vertical 360-degree rotating lifting platform and supporting system

Hydraulic lifting platform
Lifting method Upright 360 degree rotating
Platform size 3200x750x400mm
Load bearing 5 tons
Support and stability system 4 hydraulic outriggers, a single outrigger can support 5 tons;
Screen folding control Use hydraulic cylinder to push up the upper part of the screen to make the whole screen into a whole; with 360 degree rotation

3) LED screen

screen size 4800x2400mm Module size 160x160mm
Die R/G/B: Taiwan Epistar Pixel pitch 10mm
Display brightness ≥6500cd/㎡ Pixel density 10000 points/㎡
Maximum power ≤1000W/㎡ Screen life >100,000 hours

4) Play system, multimedia control system

LED industrial computer

Dimensions: 410mm(H)x210mm(W)x60mm(D), 9.2 inch touch screen,
Configuration: Intel low-power dual-core 1.8G 4-thread CPU, memory: standard DDR3 2G, storage: SSD32G solid hard disk;
Operating system: support DOS, WINCE, LINUX, XPE, XP
Power amplifier 1 set sound 120KWX2


Two led screens rise

360 rotating traction advertising vehicle

Two led screens merged

360 rotating traction advertising vehicle

Rotate 360 degrees

360 rotating traction advertising vehicle

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