12 tons bulk feed truck

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The 12-ton bulk feed truck is a bulk feed transport vehicle modified on the basis of Dongfeng Tianjin chassis. It mainly transports bulk feed such as chicken feed and pig feed.

12 ton bulk feed truck parameter configuration table and picture display

12 tons bulk feed truck
Dongfeng Tianjin 12 cbm bulk feed transporter , vehicle model: CLW5120ZSLD3, chassis model: DFL1120B1, adopts Dongfeng Tianjin original chassis, 4×2 drive, D530 flat-top, one-row and half-belt luxury cab, Cummins 180 horsepower 4-cylinder electric injection intercooled supercharged engine, wheelbase 3800mm, electric heating (glow plug) cold start device, all-steel 160L fuel tank, Φ395mm push diaphragm spring clutch, Dongfeng 6-speed DF6S750 gearbox, 4.5 tons front axle , 9 tons rear axle, 250×80×(7+4)mm double-layer girder, 9.00-20 nylon tires, semi-floating cab rear suspension, hydraulic and mechanical flip, channel type instrument panel, with air conditioning.
Dongfeng Tianjin bulk feed truck has an effective volume of 12 cubic meters meters (feed density ranges from 0.5 to 0.65 cubic meters meters per ton). It uses electric augers to transport materials and can be operated by plugging in 380 volts. The electric motor drives the mechanical spiral method Unloading, the unloading speed is fast, continuous operation is possible, and the production efficiency is greatly improved. The tank body has a three-silo structure, which can load three different feeds at the same time; each part has a simple structure, and the integrated electronic control operation box is located at the end of the tank body. The operation mode is clear at a glance, convenient and flexible, and easy to maintain.
Main technical parameters of 12 tons bulk feed truck
product name: Dongfeng Tianjin 12-ton bulk feed truck Dimensions: 7700×2500×3550(mm)
Chassis model: DFL1120B1 Cargo compartment size: ××(mm)
Total mass: 12490(Kg) Approach/departure angle: 20/12(°)
Rated quality: 5990(Kg) Front suspension and rear suspension: 1430/2470(mm)
Quality of preparation: 6305(Kg) Maximum speed: 85(km/h)
engine Engine manufacturer Displacement (ml) Power (kw)
ISDe180 30
ISDe185 30
ISDe160 30
B170 33
Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Cummins Engine Co., Ltd. Guangxi Yuchai Machinery Co., Ltd. Dongfeng Motor Co., Ltd. Commercial Vehicle Engine Plant 4500
Emission Standards: GB3847-2005, GB17691-2005 Euro III
Number of axes: 2 Front track: 1880/1800,1860(mm)
Wheelbase: 3800,3650 Rear track: 1800,1860(mm)
Number of tires: 6 Tire specifications: 9.00-20,9.00R20,10.00-20,10.00R20
Fuel type: Diesel oil Number of springs: 7/9+6,8/10+8
Axle load: 4450/8040 Number of passengers in the cab: 3
Vehicle remarks: The name of the conveying medium: extruded and pelleted feed; the density of the medium: 500 kg/m3, the effective volume of the tank: 11.98 m3, the overall size of the tank (mm): 4300×2380×1900. Protective material: Q235A truck bon steel, connection method: the left and right sides and the rear lower part of the protection are all welded, the rear protection section size (mm): 100×50×5, the rear protection ground height (mm): 480, the truck Only select wheelbase (mm): 3800 and ISDe180 30 engines.

  The feed tank of the 12-ton bulk feed truck is erected on the chassis of the truck, and the top of the tank has a feed opening. A screw conveyor unloading pipe (commonly known as the unloading screw) at the top can rotate and lift freely, and the elevation angle of the lift can be Up to 60 degrees. During transportation, the spiral tube at the top lies flat on the top of the tank; when unloading, it is lifted so that the discharge port at the end of the tube is connected to the feed door on the top of the storage tank of the livestock farm. The 12-ton bulk feed truck is installed in the cab There is a control device (the control device can also be installed at the tail of the tank), and the screw is driven by the power output shaft and the reducer under the vehicle to complete the unloading.

  12 tonsThe bulk feed truck has the following characteristics

1,12 tonsTransporting feed in bulk not only saves labor and costs less than transporting feed in bags, but requires livestock and poultry farms to have storage materials for feed

12 tons bulk feed truck


2,12 tonsBulk feed is sealed and transported in the tank to reduce loss, ensure quality and avoid pollution. Continuous operation can greatly improve production.

3. Fully automatic hydraulic system, simple operation and convenient use. The chassis adopts a truck chassis, and other components, gear pumps, hydraulic motors, etc. are also standardized, and imported hydraulic parts are made in China, which provides convenient conditions for maintenance.

4. 12-ton bulk feed truckSeparate bins can be installed in the tank, which can simultaneously transport a variety of different types of feed or puffing media.

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